“The overall experience was very positive. It was simple, it was not hard work for the team and also we saved a lot of money.”

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David Parrondo, Deputy Managing Director


“Harrods used Bank Brokers to review its various merchant services’ agreements. Their analysis was comprehensive, timely, compelling and served to support our own in-house due diligence and corporate governance. I would highly recommend their services to other retailers wanting to ensure they too are receiving fair market terms from their current banking providers.”

John Edgar, CFO


“Bank Brokers has assisted us in strategic and commercial negotiations with one of the major international payment solutions providers in 2020. As an e-commerce platform the online payments are a major cornerstone of our business model and centrally controlled from NL for many European countries.
What I appreciated most in their support was the hands on, practical approach and the reliable way of appearance. Ronald Bazuin does what he says and says what he does. He can be counted on throughout the entire process on every step taken, which made it a true support in the process.”

Theo Kuipers, Director Payments


“When we conducted the merger with Korsnäs, we needed to review our cash management structure. Together with Bank Brokers we did a tender process with selected banks. With the help of Bank Brokers knowledge and expertise, we managed to reach an attractive agreement that we feel very satisfied with.”

Per Norman, Head of Treasury and Risk Management


“Through strong project management and solid market and product knowledge provided by Bank Brokers, we reached our goal and ensured a competitive deal with optimal structure.”

Björn Schmidt, CFO Norway


“The real win for Fresca was retaining our existing valuable banking relationship, as well as saving money. A win-win for both of us.”

Watch video from

Brett Sumner, Finance Director


“Bank Brokers helped us with a review and evaluation of our bank set-up including card acquiring.
It have been most valuable for us to be able to rely on Bank Brokers expertise and competence in this process. The analysis presented to us by Bank Brokers was very clear and accessible in all aspects and the information was evaluated objectively with a great sense for SJ as a customer and for our suppliers.
The project have resulted in big cost savings with a continued focus on quality and proactivity in our relationship with our bank.”

Martin Andersson, Head of Treasury


“As FrieslandCampina’s Corporate Treasury department we wanted to increase visibility on our global banking charges. Due to the global footprint of the company and the somewhat scattered banking landscape the real overview of banking charges was missing. As most cash management relationships have been started after a strict RFP process we did not expect to realize a major cost saving but were merely focused on a confirmation that our price arrangements were at fair market price. The very thorough analysis of all the many different bank charges showed that most cost items were indeed priced at fair market but there were a few remote countries were unexpected high and unreasonable charges popped up. With the help of Bank Brokers we were able to negotiate substantial lower prices or even waive some of the costs that were charged. So finally we ended up with a thorough analysis of our banking charges and some unexpected substantial savings as very welcome surprises. Therefore it is very helpful to have a party as Bank Brokers as partner to support you with their expertise in a world were banks are very creative in inventing all kind of charges and multiple of names for the same services in order to create intransparency.”

Jeroen Brieffies, Head of Treasury Operations


“Bavaria Nordic has experienced significant growth in recent years and is one of Scandinavia’s largest BMW dealerships, with annual revenue of over NOK 5 billion. Throughout 2014, we have had the pleasure of working with Bank Brokers in relation to a comprehensive review of our financial purchases. The project was completed on time with a very good result. Our experience is that Bank Brokers has a unique insight into a less transparent market.”

Stig Sæveland, CFO


“We decided to involve Bank Brokers in our tender process in order to ensure an updated and in-depth insight into the commercial aspects of banking. We are immensely satisfied with Bank Brokers’ work. Particularly valuable for us was the analytical work and advisory prior to the tender process, which ensured us great financial and administrative advantages, and provided us with an even deeper understanding of our own business.”

Louise Isafold, Finance Manager


“We decided to engage Bank Brokers to undertake a review of our merchant acquiring. Although we enjoy a long standing and valued relationship with our existing acquirer, we were keen to understand the impact of recent cards industry changes and to identify if we were receiving best in class pricing. Their benchmark report was very comprehensive. The level of detail they provide on intra sector data is truly compelling. It gave us real confidence in renegotiation discussions with our acquirers where we have subsequently strengthened our existing acquiring relationship on significantly improved terms. We are delighted with the outcome.”

Watch video from

Carl Stockden, Director of Finance


“We involved Bank Brokers as an advisor in connection with a total review of our financial solutions
and central cost carriers. The project was delivered in line with our expectations and contributed
to a substantial added value for Gothia Financial Group.”

Lars Dencker Nielsen, CFO


“Bank Brokers UK reviewed and restructured our banking facilities to help maximise our earnings potential, whilst maintaining our existing bank relationships. I have been delighted with both the professionalism and the results and would therefore highly recommend Bank Brokers.”

James Bawa, CEO


“Bank Brokers reviewed our card services and we are delighted with the results. They independently checked our existing costs, identified savings and negotiated on our behalf. They saved us 30% and we stayed with our existing provider. The process was straight forward, the outcome surpassed our expectations and there was minimal effort needed by us. I would highly recommend Bank Brokers.”

Mike Raybould, Finance Director


“I would recommend Bank Brokers. Viju are experts in global visual collaboration and Bank Brokers are the experts in global banking”.

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Andy Evans, Managing Director


“Thommessen is one of Norway`s leading commercial law firms with offices in Oslo, Bergen and London. With an annual turnover of just under MNOK 700 and handling of clients’ assets in connection with mergers, acquisitions, etc., the company is dependent on well-functioning
banking. When Bank Brokers contacted us, we were inspired to conduct a project and we chose to implement the proposed structural changes, resulting in reduced costs. The project was a success. The project will therefore be remembered as a successful project.”

Trond Sandboe, Director


“Bank Brokers has completed a full evaluation of our banking, spread over several suppliers.The outcome of the project has resulted in significant savings and benefited our business in the Nordic countries. We can always recommend Bank Brokers as a partner, as through the whole process we have been completely confident in their work.

We must especially highlight their great insight, tested methodology and project management – and the fact that the outcome of our project resulted in exactly the savings and improvements that Bank Brokers had estimated via the initial analysis. Bank Brokers will be a close partner to us in the future.”

Malene Hermansen, Finance Manager


“It is very hard to reveal all the actual costs associated to ​financial products. This is a market where the different pricing structures lack transparency. With this in mind, we decided to hire Bank Brokers to help us evaluate our banking relations. This was a very wise decision – both for now and going forwards. We feel very comfortable with the negotiations that Bank Brokers led on our behalf with our suppliers. We are certain that our cooperation with Bank Brokers has led to significant savings, without us having to accept deterioration in the service we receive from our banks.”

Søren Hoveroust, Vice President


“Finaref (Sweden, Norway and Finland) and Dan-Aktiv (Denmark) is among the leading companies in consumer finance in the Nordics. With assistance from Bank Brokers, we completed a tender for all daily banking services. Bank Brokers managed the whole process, ensured that our RFP encompassed all products and services needed, and that the final conditions reflected our potential as a bank customer. We at Finaref / Dan-Aktiv are very pleased that we took the help of Bank Brokers in this comprehensive project.”

Linda Stiernstrand, CFO


“We chose Bank Brokers as partner for our RFP towards our banking relationships. Bank Brokers were essential in achieving a particularly satisfying result, through their banking competencies and updated insight into the banking market. In addition to securing a comprehensive and transparent basis for the decision-making process, with equal focus on both price and quality, Bank Brokers managed the process and the negotiations both effectively and fairly.”

Allan Buhl Møller, CFO


“Following recommendation and initial meetings we engaged Bank Brokers to conduct a review of our banking facilities and arrangements. Following assessment of our financial structure Neil produced a concise plan which he actioned with professionalism and skill resulting in significant financial gains to our business.

We operate in the Insurance and Financial sector with an annual turnover of over £30m and would strongly recommend Bank Brokers to any organisation.”

Chris Hammett, Finance Director


Bjørklund Norge AS is one of the leading Norwegian jewelers.

“We hired Bank Brokers to conduct their cost reduction service. Together we have restructured and optimized our banking and card acquiring agreements with great results. Through effective project management and valuable insight into the banking market, we now have a financial solution that is flexible at fair market rates. The collaboration with Bank Brokers have far exceeded our expectations and we are very happy with the value creation for Bjørklund Norge.

Kai Gustav Piene, CEO


“We hired Bank Brokers as an advisor when we needed to do a bank tender regarding cash management services. Bank Brokers helped us with all documentation during the process and also advised us on the solutions and pricing we could expect. Bank Brokers assistance in the project meant that we could choose the bank that came with the best overall deal for us.”

Marcus Jansson, Head of Treasury


“When we decided to consolidate the acquiring of credit cards in the Nordic countries, it was a natural choice to receive assistance from Bank Brokers. They added considerable expertise regarding the different suppliers, the market and what prices that a multibillion retailer should achieve.

Bank Brokers assisted in producing tender documents, meetings with potential suppliers, assembly of the offer and the final negotiations. We experienced that the processes was managed efficiently and resulted in a highly competitive deal.”

Marianne Kurås, CFO


“Bank Brokers took on a complex corporate finance challenge for Sharp, involving multiple countries across Europe and tackled the project with professionalism, tenacity and discretion. I would have no hesitation in recommending Bank Brokers to any large company wishing to improve its banking arrangements.”

Kevin Pinnegar, Senior Manager, Treasury, Europe


“We consulted Bank Brokers to revise our banking commitments since the banking business is lacking transparency when it comes to comparing different conditions, and it was difficult for us to determine whether we had good market conditions or not. We are very pleased with the work that Bank Brokers did for us. We were pleasantly surprised that the economic improvement was so large and that it went so fast to compile the information. We intend to continue our cooperation and want the ability to use Bank Brokers as a trusted partner.”

Viktor Kornher, CFO


“Following a glowing recommendation from another FD (and former colleague) we commissioned Bank Brokers to review all aspects of our global banking arrangements and to identify any improvements. The data extraction process was simple and straightforward and we appreciated their Analyst coming to our premises in person. This minimised the amount of work required to be done by ourselves. The whole process was efficient and concluded in a short time scale. I also particularly like that they are entirely independent and the suggestions they helped us to implement have added real economic value to our business. I have no hesitation in recommending Bank Brokers services to any multinational company looking for quick-win cost saving opportunities, independence and professional advice.”

Naresh Williams, Group Finance Director


“Our Group is comprised of a real estate group and a larger Danish construction group. Our financial needs are extensive and relatively complex, with many products and several different providers. We therefore requested Bank Brokers to conduct a thorough analysis of our financial agreements. We are pleased that Bank Brokers greatly enhanced transparency in a business area that normally lacks transparency. At the same time, we have spent minimal resources on the project, and I highly recommend Bank Brokers as a business partner.”

Lars Byrgesen, CFO


“When seeking an independent consultancy firm to review our banking and merchant card services costs, Bank Brokers was the obvious choice for us given their pedigree in the financial services sector. It proved to be a wise decision as they managed to reduce both our banking and our merchant card services costs substantially, whilst offering professional, tailored and timely consultancy services. I can highly recommend Bank Brokers services.”

Steve Braine, Financial Director


“Oakfield (Foods) Ltd commissioned Bank Brokers to conduct a review of their existing UK banking facility fees. The independent review was quick, non-disruptive and resulted in reduced rates being agreed across all facilities, without the need to change from our existing bank. The whole process was simple, open book and had no catches. We were 100% impressed with the service we received and would have no hesitation recommending them.”

David Burr, Finance Director


“Substantial savings were achieved as a result of engaging Bank Brokers to perform a review of our banking agreements.
Bank Brokers ensured fair market prices for our banking services, as well as an optimal structure in a professional and efficient manner.
Further, Bank Brokers disclosed that part of the agreement we negotiated with our bank was not implemented according to our fee tariff.”

Erling Meinich-Bache, Senior VP / CFO


“Our experience with Bank Brokers was fruitful and painless. They were easy to do business with, did all the work for us and easily surpassed my expectations on savings achieved.”

Nick Lemans, Finance Director


“Bank Brokers undertook a review of our card processing. We had every confidence in their ability to identify and deliver savings. The end result significantly exceeded our expectations”

Mark Fairbrother, Finance Director & Company Secretary


“We were pleased with the banking and merchant services cost reduction results delivered by Bank Brokers”

Alex Kent, Chief Accountant


“Bank Brokers offered to undertake a Merchant Services review to establish if we were paying a fair market price. We were happy to give them the green light and we have been very pleased with the support we received from Bank Brokers, which has delivered significant savings”

David Baldwin, CEO


“Extremely happy with Bank Brokers’ help negotiating with our banking providers, which led to reduced charges, increased transparency and strengthened relationships. Would highly recommend their services!”

Daniel Ngai, Head of Finance


“Akershusgruppen is among the largest restaurant groups in Oslo. The Group includes familiar names such as Café Skansen, Nydalen Bryggeri og Spiseri, Royal Gastropub, Beer Palace and Jarmann GastroPub to name a few.
The banking industry and funding in particular has in recent years gained material importance to our growth opportunities. Meanwhile, we find cost parameters related to finance very visible in our income statement. Akerhusgruppen has over the past four years used Bank Brokers as advisors. Based on their thorough understanding of the banking industry and knowledge of sources to debt financing, we are currently well positioned for further growth. We feel confident that Bank Brokers will remain an important financial advisor in the years to come.”

Ole Tollefsen, CEO


“Bank Brokers completed an in-depth review and renegotiation of Orskov Foods banking cooperation. A strong banking relationship is essential to our business and we are therefore pleased that Bank Brokers handled the dialogue with the bank with such a high degree of professionalism. The renegotiation resulted in significant savings, and we are very pleased with Bank Brokers’ work.”

Carlos Ragone, CEO


“Thanks to Bank Brokers we have managed to significantly reduce our financial expenses”

Atle Hovi, CEO


“The Society is continually looking at ways to maximise revenue and manage costs. Bank Brokers were introduced to us and undertook a price benchmark of our Merchant Services operation.

We were highly impressed with the very professional manner in which they delivered their findings which has resulted in significant projected future savings which we look forward to realising in the next 12 months and beyond.

We are delighted with the outcomes we have received and would thoroughly recommend their services”

Louise Stokes FCCA, Director of Finance


“We used Bank Brokers to review our current banking agreements. The banking cost analysis report they provided us with was highly valuable. The insight in both product use as well as fair market pricing clearly strengthened our own understanding and knowledge as well as improving our position towards our bank. We are very happy to recommend Bank Brokers.”

Ronald van Noord, CFO


“Grove Knutsen mandated Bank Broker for a full survey of their financial procurement. The project realized material savings through an optimized structure and fair market pricing. The service was totally hassle free.”

Marianne Svartnes, CFO


“Founded in 1770 Gyldendal is the largest publishing company in Denmark. Our banking relationship needed a review and Bank Brokers managed and conducted the project without being any burden to our schedules. We gained a comprehensive insight into the cost structure of our banking products and this level of transparency has significant value to us. We will certainly contact Bank Brokers again with any future issues.”

Lars Holstener Didriksen, Head of Group Finance


“Bank Brokers did a review of our international banking relationships. It has enhanced our relationships with the banks, who have responded to the process positively. Without much effort from our side we have both achieved a better overview as well as cost reductions. We strongly recommend using Bank Brokers.”

Lone Skinnerup, CFO


“Hallingplast has experienced strong growth along with new and changing needs for banking services. We chose Bank Brokers to assist us in securing a deal and solution that matched our needs. Through both analysis and tendering process, Bank Brokers assisted with expertise and strong project management. We are very pleased with the outcome of our project with Bank Brokers.”

Anne Keth Markegård, Head of Administration & Finance


“Bank Brokers were introduced to us and offered to undertake a Merchant Services review to establish if we were paying a fair market price. It was a very simple and efficient service which has delivered significant savings and I would be happy to recommend them.”

Anthony Littler, Managing Director


“Following the various card payments industry changes that took place in 2015, Bank Brokers undertook a review of our card processing fees. Their expert knowledge and significant market leverage has delivered a substantial 50% reduction in our fees. We remain with our existing service provider, underpinned by an enhanced local relationship. We are delighted with the outcomes we have received and would thoroughly recommend Bank Brokers services”

Huw Lewis, Finance Director & Company Secretary


“Bank Brokers were recommended to us and following a straightforward and hassle free process they delivered significant savings on our card processing.”

Chris Sutcliffe, Financial Controller


“We used BankBrokers to review our banking costs across a number of countries. Their professionalism and deep understanding of the market impressed us. The final report provided a detailed overview of our bank costs and potential for savings. It worked well to have them negotiating for us with our banking partners. The result was a significant decrease in our banking costs and much better insight into our banking cost drivers. We highly recommend them.”

Eveline Stam, Group Treasurer


“We asked Bank Brokers to conduct a review of our banking services to determine if we were paying fair prices for the services we use. The data collation stage was thorough, without being too time-consuming for the team. The analysis and benchmarking was delivered professionally and was explained in simple terms that enabled us to understand how the potential savings had been determined. Finally, the detailed report empowered us to open a constructive discussion with the bank, which helped us sustain competitive pricing and strengthen our banking relationship.”

Carolyn Kell, Financial Controller


“Bank Brokers helped us with a review and evaluation of our bank set-up and costs in our Nordic operations, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. It have been most valuable for us to be able to rely on Bank Brokers expertise and competence in this process. The analysis presented to us by Bank Brokers was very clear and accessible in all aspects and the information was evaluated allowing us the renegotiation with our main bank(s). The project have resulted in big cost savings with a continued focus on quality and proactivity in our relationship with our bank.”

Robert Lenterman, Group Treasurer


“Bank Brokers guided us through a complex financial value chain review. Their involvement led to material savings for us as a company without having to invest significant resources to the project. A professional and hassle-free service from start to finish.”

Matz N. Sandberg, Managing Director


“We were very satisfied with our bank and did not wish to change. However, having fair market terms and conditions was vital for us. By hiring Bank Brokers’ expertise, we ensured that we had competitive conditions with our existing bank, without having to go through a tender process. Our relationship with the bank remained strong after the project ended with Bank Brokers.”

Petter Berselius, CFO


“Blomsterringen is conscientious about maintaining long-term relationships while still ensuring fair market terms and conditions. This means that we periodically have to tender to ensure the competitiveness of the agreements with our suppliers. Bank Brokers concept combined with their market intelligence therefore represented an interesting and unique opportunity for us.

The analysis Bank Brokers provided showed an interesting saving potential. Thanks to Bank Brokers and their understanding of our needs we were able to achieve an agreement customised to us with fair market terms. Without the cooperation with Bank Brokers we would probably have stopped after the first round of negotiations with the bank.

Bank Brokers has been a good partner on the project, being clear on where we were heading and guiding us all the way to a fair market agreement.”

Marit Fossnes, Managing Director


“When entering the collaboration with Bank Brokers we were already well advanced in the negotiations with our bank. Subsequently our expectations were quite low. However, the terms and conditions we were able to achieve with Bank Brokers was far better than what we had managed to reach on our own.”

Jonas Pihl, Managing Director


“We started to cooperate with Bank Brokers in order to review our terms and conditions with our current banking provider. Bank Brokers did most of the work, and only a small effort was required from our side. We are very happy with the result of the project.”

Gabriella Di Luca, Owner


“Bank Brokers undertook a detailed review of our merchant acquiring. Their benchmarking expertise and market leverage has been instrumental in delivering significant incremental cost savings for our business; it is a great asset to gain access to impartial industry expertise, improving our understanding of the market. They took the time to understand our needs and the results speak for themselves. If you are keen to find out if your business is paying a fair market price, talk to the experts, Bank Brokers.”

Adam Chater, Financial Controller


“Bank Brokers played a significant role when we decided to review our financial procurement costs. Within 3 months, completely hassle free for us, they analysed the savings potential and led us through a negotiation, which was held in good spirit with our banking partners. The value creation was spot-on based on the expectations Bank Brokers forecast.”

Kim Dragland, CFO


“We were introduced to Bank Brokers at a recent brewing industry event and agreed to commission their services to review our card processing fees. The results and savings they have delivered have significantly exceeded our expectations. We have also remained with our existing service providers. It has been a great experience working with Bank Brokers; their market leverage and industry knowledge are compelling, and we thoroughly recommend their services.”

Gary Adcock, Finance Director


“We involved Bank Brokers firstly to review our banking facilities and secondly to advise us in the restructuring of our facilities. The project was finished on time and we are satisfied with the results. Our experience was that the review, benchmarking and advice from Bank Brokers were very useful for us in understanding, organising and negotiating. Thanks guys, we’ll keep in touch!”

Jaap Vos, CFO


“For more than 40 years, KMD has played a key role in digitizing the Danish welfare state, helping make Denmark’s public sector one of the best run, most efficient and highly digitized in the world. KMD has developed and currently operates more than 400 IT systems that support the Danish welfare state. When Bank Brokers contacted us we accepted their proposition without delay and Bank Brokers performed a quality check of our banking relationship and conducted a renegotiation with our bank. We have been very satisfied with their insight, efficiency, quality and project management – and especially the outcome of the project. Our banking relationship has not been affected in any negative direction and we clearly recommend Bank Brokers services.

Anders Schmidt-Petersen, Vice President


“We have been very satisfied with Bank Brokers. Data collection was performed efficiently and Bank Brokers produced a report which gave us a detailed insight into the cost structure of our banking relationship. Bank Brokers conducted the meetings with our bank thus realizing savings to us. We have remained with our bank, and our relationship to them has not been affected by the process. We surely recommend Bank Brokers because of their industry knowledge, their attitude and their methodology.”

Mikkel Hauschildt, Director of Finance and Operation


“Bank Brokers conducted an in-depth review of our transaction banking, merchant services and debt pricing. Their knowledge of the brewing industry sector, complimented by a detailed insight into pricing trends has been instrumental in securing savings for our business in all areas . Not only have these savings exceeded our expectations, but we also remain with our existing service providers. We are delighted with the outcomes we have received and highly recommend their professional services”

Paddy Smith, Company Accountant


“Bank Brokers are professional, trustworthy and tenacious. Their firm has supported Monarch strongly and I highly value their agility, expertise and collaborative approach.”

Chris Bennett, CFO


“I had the pleasure of utilizing Bank Brokers to map our total banking costs in the Nordics. Bank Brokers delivered a comprehensive analysis providing full transparency of Endemol Shine Group banking procurement costs.”

Bart-Jan Roelofsz, Group Treasurer


“Bank Brokers commenced a review of our merchant acquiring prior to the Visa Debit changes on Sept 1st. With high average ticket values in our business, we were keen to ensure that our acquiring rates remained fair market and whether there was scope to reduce costs. Bank Brokers extensive acquiring pricing experience in the automotive sector has enabled us to achieve a significant reduction in our cost base. The analytical and transparent manner in which they undertook this exercise was highly impressive!”

Tony Sciascia, Managing Director


“Charles Trent Ltd commissioned Bank Brokers to conduct an independent review of the UK banking market and were delighted with the improved commercial arrangements, enhanced facilities and reduced card processing costs that they were able to secure for us.”

Marc Trent, Managing Director

“Bank Brokers has completed a full evaluation of our banking business; payment services, overdraft facility, factoring, leasing and Foreign Exchange. The outcome of the project has resulted in significant savings and included several useful suggestions for improvements going forward. We have been rather happy with Bank Brokers’ support as well as with the results realized and therefore strongly recommend Bank Brokers to other companies like Van der Lee Seafish.”

Joop Stoffelen, Financial Controller


“We commissioned Bank Brokers to undertake a transaction banking price benchmark across both our brands, Brains and Coffee # 1. Having undertaken an in house review of our merchant services costs in June 2015 where we had already achieved cost savings, we were unsure as to the additional value Bank Brokers may be able to deliver. The incremental savings they identified and have successfully delivered will have a significant positive impact on our transaction banking cost base, well beyond our expectations. We are truly delighted with the results achieved. With further savings identified in other transactional areas, we look forward to strengthening and developing our business relationship. We thoroughly recommend their professional services.”

Martin Reed, Finance Director


“Kitron and Bank Brokers have worked together for several years, optimizing our financial procurement in terms of structure and pricing. The cooperation with Bank Brokers has generated significant value creation and insight into a rather in-transparent banking market.
We are happy to recommend Bank Brokers as a trusted and competent advisor.”

Cathrin Nylander, CFO


“Beerenberg have had the pleasure of utilizing Bank Brokers extensive market intel, securing a banking deal based on the optimal product mix with competitive terms.
The process and analysis was efficient and effective resulting in value creation for Beerenberg above our initial expectations.”

Arild Apeltun, CFO


“Jernia and its sister company F&H wanted to secure that their present banking solution was optimal in terms of product delivery, and that the prevailing fee tariff was competitive.
Bank Brokers in-depth analysis disclosed a significant savings potential. The potential value creation was secured through professional bilateral negotiations with our present provider.

We are happy to recommend Bank Brokers as a trusted financial advisor”.

Kjersti Langekjend, CFO


“We used Bank Brokers to review our merchant services arrangements and were pleased with the outcome, especially as we avoided a migration exercise and stayed with our current provider on better terms.”

Allister Turner, Head of Finance


“I’ve known Bank Brokers since they launched in the UK in 2013 and have been delighted with their relationship management approach to business. The team is professional, efficient and helpful and clearly know their subject matter. I have no hesitation in recommending them to other Hotels and Hospitality Groups looking to review their merchant services costs.”

Steve Waldron, Group Finance Director


“I was introduced to Bank Brokers by an existing supplier and I’ve been very impressed. They are professional, knowledgeable and they secured a 30% saving on our card acquiring costs. There was a larger saving available but I decided to stay with our existing provider. This is a great result especially as I was led to believe my previous pricing could not be bettered. I would definitely recommend Bank Brokers.”

Andrew Grimwood, Financial Controller


“Agderposten Medier consist of 6 different newspapers with a strong regional presence, particularly in the southern part of Norway. We have more than 130.000 daily readers and employ some 240 people.
We mandated Bank Brokers to perform an indepth analysis of our financial procurement. Their analysis was comprehensive, and along with their assistance in renegotiations with our main banking relation, we achieved a new banking deal with efficiency improvements and better terms. As CEO of Agderposten Medier I do not hesitate to recommend their services.”

Nils Kristian Gauslaa, Managing Director


“Sandviks provide communities for enriching young minds through expert-based guidance and developmentally appropriate books. We encourage all parents to read for their children. Furthermore, we have invested heavily in developing a web based platform that enable us to offer our customers the right book at the right time.

For Sandviks it was material also to establish competitive terms for card acquiring services in order to keeping cost down to maintain competitiveness. We have had the pleasure of working with Bank Broker before- securing a full banking deal, and decided to ask for guidance also for card acquiring services. Utilizing the service and market knowledge within the Bank Broker Group, helped us to secure significant savings.

We would recommend Bank Brokers as a trustworthy advisor in financial related procurement.”

Are Schrøder-Nilsen, CFO


“From industry feedback, we were aware that Bank Brokers had successfully delivered significant transaction banking savings for other brewing businesses. We agreed to commission their services to review our cards cost base. Although our volumes are relatively small by both volume and value, we were keen to establish if there was scope for improvement, safe in the knowledge that there was no downside financial risk for us. The fair market savings and price that Bank Brokers identified and have successfully delivered is well beyond our expectations. Bank Brokers are consummate professionals at what they do. I thoroughly recommend their services to any business looking to save money on their transaction banking costs.”

Philip Lewis, Managing Director


“We hired Bank Brokers to assist us in negotiating an agreement for our own credit card scheme: AgriCard – the credit card for the agricultural industry. We are very satisfied with Bank Brokers assistance, both in the analysis and the negotiation. We are particularly happy with how Bank Brokers managed the project in a time with major regulatory changes. The project was a big success and Bank Brokers will continue to be an important partner for us in the future. We can highly recommend Bank Brokers to others.”

Thor Berg, Procurement Manager


“NRC Group is a leading contractor within railway infrastructure in Norway and Sweden. The company works within the rail, metro and tram segments, and closely related infrastructure. NRC Group has experienced significant growth since its inception in 2011 and has a vision of becoming the leading Nordic entrepreneur within railway infrastructure. NRC Group is listed on Oslo Børs with the ticker code “NRC”.

“The group decided to perform an RFP for banking services in 2016 to ensure the banking arrangement was well positioned and supportive of the growth strategy. We selected Bank Brokers as our sole advisor in this complex project. In cooperation, Bank Brokers and NRC secured a flexible financial platform and a bespoke cash management solution.”

Dag Fladby, CFO


“Since 1999, we at Infinitum have been the leading Company for the deposit and recycling of plastic bottles and beverage cans. We have invested in new, highly effective and modern facilities for bailing and sorting of collected material, to ensure high-grade recycling and promote the circular economy.
We focus on assuring that all procurement and operations to our NOK 2 billion company, is performed and transacted in an optimal manner. We have had the pleasure of working with Bank Brokers on several occasions when it comes to financial procurement. They have consistently contributed with value creation in the projects that we have tendered/performed bilateral negotiations. We highly recommend Bank Brokers with their in depth market knowledge and proactive advisory service.”

Tor Guttulsrud, CFO


“Norwell mandated Bank Brokers to analyze and secure, that our present banking agreement was in line with present market conditions. Based on their well proven methodology and in depth market knowledge they managed to secure a very competitive banking deal. In addition their analysis disclosed that our present arrangement was not fully implemented according to agreement, which led to reimbursement from our banking relation.”

Ingrid Kasten, CEO


“Braganza, a privately held investment company mainly invest in the airline industry, tourism, leisure, and the distribution of tourism products. Ticket, a portfolio company of Braganza, is one of the leading operators of leisure travel in Scandinavia. Despite the fact that Ticket were fully covered with competitive bids from major vendors, we mandated Bank Brokers to acquire supplementary lines related to the legal obligation of having guarantees on travel sold (“Reisegaranti”). Based on their network of providers Bank Brokers managed to arrange a facility that exceeded our expectations.”

Trond Johannesen, CFO


“When Bank Brokers initially approached us, we had already commenced an internal review into our merchant acquiring costs following revised pricing being implemented some three months earlier. From work already done, we were aware that we could potentially extract further savings, but only if we were prepared to transfer our business elsewhere. Bank Brokers approached us and offered to compliment our in-house review, with the aim of ensuring, as far as practicable, that we could continue to enjoy a fair market price without the need to transfer to a new acquirer. Put simply, not only did Bank Brokers identify and deliver a fair market price below offers we had commissioned elsewhere, they have done so working in close partnership with our existing service providers. This has given us the opportunity to extend our relationship with them. A real win-win and we are delighted with the outcome.”

Nigel Williams, Finance Director


“Norconsult is Norway’s largest and one of the leading multidisciplinary consultancy firms in the Nordic region. Our services are geared towards community planning and design, and we have become a leading player both nationally and internationally. Norconsult is built on the competencies of engineers and we know the value of using specialist in the fields we operate, thus it was natural for us to mandate Bank Brokers the task of performing a quality assessment of our financial procurement. The project realised significant savings and was managed professionally. We value the long lasting relationship with Bank Brokers and we are now working closely with them to review our financing strategy.”

Christian Bekkevold Nilsen, CFO


“Danske Færger runs six domestic ferry routes in Denmark, in addition to the routes from Sweden and Germany to Bornholm. The shipping company thus constitutes a crucial part of the infrastructure for both the local community and tourism. With lots of travelers and numerous sales channels, our payment infrastructure is fragmented and complex. However, Bank Brokers has provided us a unique overview of our payment solutions, and at the same time achieved dramatic savings. We are extremely satisfied with Bank Brokers work, which has been characterized by professionalism.”

Ole Nielsen, Purchasing and Insurance Manager


“We decided to engage Bank Brokers following excellent industry feedback. They undertook a comprehensive transaction banking review across all our banking and financial services lines. We have been highly impressed with their professional dealings from the outset from the initial data capture through to the final report output. The quality, content and attention to detail in their reporting is equally as impressive as the results we have achieved. As a Finance Director, I wholly endorse their philosophy of “complementing good internal corporate governance” as the scope goes well beyond what can reasonably be undertaken in house. We are truly delighted”.

Huw Thomas, Finance Director


“Bank Brokers knowledge and leverage has been instrumental in identifying and delivering significant incremental merchant acquiring savings for the WRU. The professional way in which they liaised and negotiated with our service providers throughout allowed us to focus on addressing other key strategic priorities. We are delighted with the outcome and thoroughly recommend their professional services”.

Steve Phillips, Group Finance Director


“We decided to engage Bank Brokers to review our merchant acquiring pricing. The timing of their engagement could not have been better as we had just received notification of a significant price increase. Their detailed report guided us thorough the mire of recent cards industry changes. In particular, Visa Debit pricing where we had seen a marked increase in our cost base. We were also particularly attracted by their offer to negotiate directly with our merchant acquirers. There is no doubt that their experience and leverage was key to securing a significant price reduction. Bank Brokers are experts in their field and we are delighted with the savings we have achieved.”

Steve Richards, Finance Director


“We asked Bank Brokers to undertake a Merchant Services review to establish if we were paying a fair market price. We have been very pleased with the support we received from Bank Brokers, which ultimately resulted in securing better pricing terms with our existing provider.”

Peter Banks, Finance Director


“Bank Brokers undertook a review of our merchant acquiring cost base, across our four separate merchant numbers. The nature of our business is such that we have a mixture of consumer and business customers which is reflected in both the types of card payment and the transaction values. Bank Brokers reporting provided us with a very useful insight into the different card processing elements that comprise our charges. They also took direct responsibility for negotiating with our existing service providers. Once contact had been established, new terms were delivered to us within 48 hours. The final outcomes we achieved further improved upon Bank Brokers fair market price and we are delighted with their services”.

Jonathan Hucker, Treasury Manager


“Skala mandated Bank Brokers to analyze and secure, that our present banking agreement was in line with present market conditions, from a cost, service and solution perspective. Based on their well proven methodology and in depth market knowledge they revealed potential for substantial savings.
Consequently, Skala decided to perform an RFP for banking services in 2016 to ensure the banking arrangement was well positioned and supportive of company strategy. We selected Bank Brokers as our sole advisor in this project. In cooperation, Bank Brokers and Skala secured a flexible financial platform with a new, dedicated, financial supplier.”

Birgitte Hansen, CFO


“Bank Brokers undertook a comprehensive review of our transaction banking needs. Their detailed report highlighted that we enjoyed fair market pricing on our payments business but that there was scope for improving the return we received on our available funds. Armed with their report, and following discussions with our bank, we are now receiving a higher allowance. I have no hesitation in recommending their professional services.”

Gary Booth, Director of Finance - Treasury


“We are truly delighted with the service we have received from Bank Brokers. Their knowledge of fair market acquiring pricing has driven financial savings and other tangible relationship value commitments from our existing acquirer. These go well beyond what we could have reasonably achieved without their leverage and expertise. True professionals in every sense and I have no hesitation in recommending their services.”

Sally Owens, Director


“Bank Brokers were recommended to me by a close friend thus, Stein Trading & The Seafood Restaurant commissioned them to review our merchant services costs to ensure that we were receiving ‘best-in-class’ pricing. I was genuinely delighted by the outcome of the project: better pricing, complete transparency and all the work undertaken for us from start to finish. I highly recommend Bank Brokers’ services to all companies wishing to reduce their card processing costs.”

Neil McLeod, Finance Director


“The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) is an independent humanitarian organisation helping people forced to flee. NRC is a determined advocate for displaced people. At a time when record numbers are fleeing their homes, NRC help millions of people every year. With world-wide operations, we have a vast need of various banking services to facilitate our operations.

We were approached by Bank Brokers and found their services for non-profit organisations interesting.

Limited resources were required from NRC throughout the process. Bank Brokers analysed our banking services and presented the findings in a comprehensive report outlining areas of improvement and a target for the fee structure. Together with Bank Brokers we managed to secure material value creation.“

Espen Ruud, Head of Finance


“Bank Brokers undertook a review of our merchant acquiring pricing. By way of background, we believed we enjoyed a very good relationship with our acquirers but at the same time were keen to establish if our pricing reflected our relationship loyalties. We were comforted by Bank Brokers assurance that their objective was to compliment our wish to remain with our providers and that we had no interest in switching providers for marginal savings gain. We were subsequently pleased to receive confirmation that our current pricing compared very favourably with fair market. We have been highly impressed with their integrity and professional standards throughout and I am delighted to recommend their professional services.”

Kate Reed, Finance Manager


“We decided to engage Bank Brokers to complement our in-house expertise. We jointly agreed to adopt a project type approach with primary focus on our merchant services cost base with the option to broaden the scope to include other key areas of transactional cost within our Group at a later date. I am delighted with the outcomes we have achieved on merchant services. The key drivers to this success were twofold. Firstly, a detailed insight into our acquirer’s cost base and margins on every single card type transacted through point of sale, and secondly, Bank Brokers expertise and market leverage. We look forward to further strengthening our working partnership.”

Paul Quested, Chief Financial Officer


“I just recently joined Akva Group, a listed leading technology and service partner to the aquaculture industry worldwide, as their new CFO.
To cover as many of the designated projects with limited use of already scarce internal resources, we decided to use specialized consultancy services on some of the prioritized project areas.

Based on experience and relations with senior executives at Bank Brokers, they were mandated to assess and if possible improve Akva Groups financial procurement. The project was executed on time, with strong value creation and advisory services, strengthening our financial position. Bank Brokers practical approach and competence level was a good match for my treasury team and me. I would highly recommend them as a trusted partner and financial consultant.”

Simon Nyquist Martinsen, CFO


“We are truly delighted with the outcomes we have received from Bank Brokers. Once we had gathered the data, Bank Brokers took full responsibility for liaising with our acquirer. From the time they engaged with a dedicated point of contact through to delivery of revised contractual terms for our approval took three working days. Bank Brokers leverage has delivered significant savings for our business, exceeding our expectations alongside a genuinely enhanced relationship with our acquirer. We look forward to further strengthening our joint working relationship in other areas.”

Vernon Amor, Managing Director


“Following Bank Brokers recent high recent high profile successes in the principality, we decided to engage their services to review the Group’s merchant acquiring costs. We were keen to partner to explore if the Group enjoyed the benefit of fair market rates. Bank Brokers undertook a comprehensive and highly detailed analysis of all our card payment traffic. We were highly impressed with their overall approach and relationship management of the project. There is no doubt that their benchmarking expertise and market knowledge is compelling. We intend to maintain a relationship with Bank Brokers with a view to exploring other ways in which they can potentially compliment the Group’s cost control objectives. We unreservedly recommend their professional services.”

Mike Fowler, Group Finance Director


“Our partnership with Bank Brokers started in April 2016.

Over the past 18 months, they have worked closely with us to achieve several of our strategic treasury objectives in the areas of European and UK Domestic Cash Management, Payments and Debt. They took time to understand our goals and objectives and adapted to changing internal priorities as required. Their market awareness and leverage (as evidenced by the comprehensive nature of their report findings) has greatly supported our success in agreeing pricing concessions in key transactional cost lines and in reducing the Group’s overall interest cost through alternative product substitution.

We are very happy with the support we have received and intend to maintain a close working relationship.”

Rachael Fisher, Group Treasurer


“We initially commissioned Bank Brokers to review our merchant acquiring. What particularly impressed us was the fact that they did all the work! They extracted the data electronically from our merchant acquirer, assumed total responsibility for pricing renegotiations and delivered new terms for our sign off. The final outcome significantly exceeded our expectations. We intend to build on the success of this exercise through ongoing engagement with Bank Brokers to assist the Club in other areas of cost reduction.”

Mick Hogan, Managing Director


“Bank Brokers helped us with a review of our Card Processing costs that we had already commenced with our existing supplier. Bank Brokers knowledge and experience in this area, together with their access to whole market pricing, enabled us to secure greater savings compared to what we were initially offered.

I would therefore recommend Bank Brokers to other companies wishing to reduce their Card Processing costs.”

Abdul Ali, Finance Director


“We have used Bank Brokers for restructuring our facilities with our financial partners and are very satisfied with their performance, giving us a structure for the future and considerable cost savings.  We got a good structure and fair prices at low work input from our side – just what we needed.”

Geir Egil Østebøvik, CEO


“We engaged Bank Brokers to undertake a review of our banking arrangements to ensure we were paying a fair price for the services we use. I would recommend Bank Brokers to any organisation wanting to ensure that their banking arrangements are fair and equitable.”

Richard Lock, Financial Controller


“We engaged Bank Brokers to undertake a review of our banking and merchant services costs and I found the team at Bank Brokers to be professional and diligent throughout the project. I was kept fully informed on progress, was able to make sound decisions based on the detailed analysis provided and I always felt in control of the process. I was very pleased with the outcome of the project, which delivered a significant saving to the business. I would recommend Bank Brokers to any company wanting to ensure they are paying a fair market price for the facilities and services used.”

Neil Pollard, Head of Purchase Ledger and Credit Control


“As global eCommerce partner to some of the world’s leading retail brands, eShopWorld’s banking requirements are both complex and demanding. To ensure we identified the best potential partners, we commissioned Bank Brokers to manage an independent, global banking tender process on our behalf. The project was well managed, insightful and delivered an excellent outcome both in terms of meeting our exacting business needs and delivering price improvements. We genuinely valued Bank Brokers’ hands-on support. I would highly recommend their services to any organisation wishing to outsource a banking tender, whilst having the added advantage of benchmarking the final outcome”

Brian O’Shaughnessy, CFO


“We decided to commission Bank Brokers to review our merchant acquiring following attendance at an industry event. We were aware of the impending industry changes relating to the abolition of surcharging and the potential impact on our business. We were keen to ensure that we were positioned to minimise our card costs where we expect to see a migration from debit card to credit card. Bank Brokers’ knowledge, leverage and sector experience has delivered a truly compelling outcome with our existing merchant acquirers. Great people and great service. Thank you Bank Brokers!”

James Norton, Director


“Perfect Stays worked with Bank Brokers following a recommendation of their services. We asked them to review our existing card processing arrangements as we were keen to understand if our pricing reflected current market rates. We found the process simple and straight forward and the team at Bank Brokers to be professional and diligent throughout. Bank Brokers’ knowledge and expertise in the market ensured we achieved fair market pricing with our existing provider through a reduction in the rates we pay. We would also recommend their services.”

Ruth Rushton, Finance Director


“We were approached by Bank Brokers who were very keen to partner with us. Some three years had elapsed since we last undertook an internal review and we felt it would be worthwhile engaging their services to review our merchant acquiring cost, with the option to extend the scope to include other areas of transaction banking at a later date. We were particularly attracted by the absence of any downside financial risk and their proven track record in our industry space. Armed with a comprehensive benchmark report, Bank Brokers assumed total responsibility for liaising and negotiating with our existing acquirers. Alongside significant pricing improvements, we have also gained an improved and more detailed detailed understanding of our cards cost base and a much-strengthened supplier relationship. We very much look forward to continuing to partner with Bank Brokers.”

Lee Harwood, Finance Director


“Bank Brokers did a review of our banking relationships. From start to finish the project was on track and we are very satisfied with the outcome, which required limited resources from our side.
Our relationship with the banks has remained strong after ending the project.”


“Bank Brokers has benchmarked our bank’s payment services offer. Their involvement has resulted in fair market pricing and substantial annual savings for Brabant Water. We have enjoyed working with Bank Brokers and would recommend hiring them. It is nice to have a banking specialist in your team when evaluating terms and conditions offered by your house bank.”

Henk de Boer, Financial Director


“The Bank Brokers proposition is a true win-win for any business, and most certainly for our membership. We look forward to developing a long term, mutually beneficial and trusted partnership.”

Mike Morgan, Director


“Bank Brokers’ process was straightforward and I was kept updated on the project at all times.  We had a good relationship with our bank entering this project and Bank Brokers’ professional approach ensured that this relationship was maintained.”

Robert Letham, Head of Finance


“We approached and commissioned Bank Brokers to undertake a review of our card processing costs across the group. We benefited from their industry knowledge and were pleased with the detailed analysis and support provided. We would highly recommend Bank Brokers’ services to other organisations wanting to ensure they have fair market agreements in place.”

Chris Sullivan, Managing Partner (Finance)


“Sue Ryder provides hospice and neurological care for people facing a frightening, life-changing diagnosis. It’s not just expert medical care we provide. It’s the emotional support and practical things we take care of too. We do whatever we can to be a safety net for our patients and their loved ones at the most difficult time of their lives.

Sue Ryder appointed Bank Brokers to conduct a review of our banking provider’s services to ensure good value for money. Their support and expertise resulted in considerable savings and allowed us to build stronger relationships with a second supplier.”

Kay Beane, Treasury Accountant


“We engaged Bank Brokers to provide fully independent checks and balances of our banking costs. We were fairly confident we were receiving fair market prices across the board and to an extent this was confirmed. However, there were areas that Bank Brokers identified we could legitimately ask our existing providers to amend and a renegotiation took place. The end result being we are delighted with our revised terms and retained the relationship we value with our Bank”.

Helen Connolly, Procurement Manager


“ We commissioned Bank Brokers to review our merchant acquiring following industry feedback. Bank Brokers proposition is “end to end” where they took responsibility for data collection and renegotiation with our providers. We are delighted with the outcomes we have received and look forward to maintaining a strong working partnership.”

David Griffiths, Manager


“Following Bank Brokers appointment as a Preferred Partner for The Welsh Rarebits Collection (www.rarebits.co.uk) , we engaged their services to review of our card processing costs. We have been hugely impressed with their professionalism and are truly delighted with the savings they have delivered. We have remained with our existing service providers on significantly enhanced commercial terms. We unreservedly recommend their professional services.”

Jonathan Greatorex, Managing Director


“We engaged Bank Brokers following feedback from other Premiership Clubs with whom they had partnered. We have been deeply impressed with their overall relationship building approach and professionalism throughout. Their market knowledge is compelling which has resulted in valuable cost reductions for the Club. We look forward to maintaining and strengthening our close working relationship.”

Julia Chapman, Finance Director and Company Secretary


“We were approached by Bank Brokers to review our payment card fees. Their involvement happened to coincide with a recently completed portfolio review where we had just received a pricing reduction from our provider. Nevertheless, we were keen to establish if our revised pricing withstood fair market sector comparison whilst at the same time we wished to protect our valued acquiring and underlying banking relationship. Through the efforts of Bank Brokers we were able to secure further savings which was an excellent result.”

Alastair Cameron, Assistant Secretary (Finance)


“Redd Barna Norway, is one of 28 country specific organizations building up the global charity – Save the Children.

For us it is of utmost importance that we may channel funds from our contributors as cost efficient as possible.

Procurement is a core focus for Redd Barna and we try to do our best every day in terms of cost optimization. Still, we realize that as an organization with scarce resources we may not be capable of disclosing every aspect of our banking cost, hence Bank Brokers service proposal of “ a hassle-free quality assessment of banking services” was attractive.  They produced a comprehensive report verifying that we already had a relatively competitive banking package, although the report served as a catalyst for further focus on how we could develop more cost efficient payment services.

Bank Brokers competences added significant value to our own professional organization, and we recommend them to any charity.”

Christian Alexander Dubrau, CFO


“I was introduced to Bank Brokers by a longstanding member of our Club. As we had not undertaken a market review of our costs, I was happy to explore what cost savings could be gained on our card processing fees. I was particularly attracted by the success fee only basis of their proposition. Once we had shared our cards data, they took complete ownership. Their knowledge of what comprises a fair market price is impressive to the extent that we are delighted with the final savings we have received. The outcome will result in a significant reduction in our cards costs over the next year as the Club continues to grow and attract new members. It has been a real pleasure partnering with Bank Brokers. I highly recommend them.”

Nick Gammon, Managing Director


“We were aware of a number of successful outcomes that Bank Brokers had achieved in Rugby Union and decided to engage their services to review our merchant acquiring pricing. There were two principal drivers behind our decision: firstly, the absence of any downside financial risk for the club; and secondly, the high quality feedback they have received from their clients across all sectors. Once the commercial formalities had been completed, they assumed total responsibility for extracting our transaction data. Their comprehensive report gave us a line of sight into our current cost base, and the component elements critical towards ensuring a fair market price. Their market intel and leverage with the acquirers has been instrumental in delivering substantial savings for us. We are very impressed with the overall proposition and delighted with the outcomes we have received.“

Nigel Chambers, Head of Finance


“We commissioned Bank Brokers to undertake a review of merchant acquiring costs across our four business. Their detailed report confirmed limited scope for cost reduction, but that key elements of our pricing were considerably better than fair market. Their balanced view was that to progress renegotiation could jeopardise our wider acquiring relationship. Bank Brokers pride themselves on clients maintaining and strengthening existing supplier relationships and we are highly impressed with their professional integrity in this regard.”

Aaron Moore-Saxton, Director


“We learned about Bank Brokers notable cost reduction successes in the charities sector and decided to engage their services. The whole process was seamless, with minimal effort on our part. We are truly delighted with significant reduction in our costs that have been delivered. I thoroughly recommend their professional services.”

Jason Foster, Director of Finance and Corporate Services


“Bank Brokers successes in the Charities sector are well documented, both locally and nationally. Although only a small percentage of our overall revenue is received via card payment, the costs have grown substantially over the past few years. Bank Brokers have successfully delivered significant savings for us. They did all the work including the renegotiation. It was a very simple and straightforward exercise and I would highly recommend their services to other Air Ambulance Charities across the UK.”

James Stephens, Management Accountant


“Bank Brokers were introduced to us and offered to undertake a review of the credit/debit cards we currently accept, to establish if we were paying a fair market price. It was a very simple and hassle free service which has delivered significant savings and I would be happy to recommend them.”

James Clark, Executive Director


“In a very competitive environment, we need to stay alert in relation to all aspects of procurement. We have had a close and long-lasting relationship with our bank, but still found it very useful to engage Bank Brokers to conduct a comprehensive analysis of all financial procurement. They managed to present efficient solutions and improved our cost base significantly. Furthermore, they balanced the whole process with us and our bank in a professional manner and our involvement was reduced to a required minimum.”

Staffan Gilbertsson, CFO


Scherpenhuizen hired Bank Brokers to analyse the costs of our bank’s payments and financing services. Their analyse was very helpful, it has helped us in our discussions with the banks and it has also resulted in implementing some changes, especially on the foreign exchange side of our business. Bank Brokers provide valuable analysis reports and knowledgable support in our bank negotiations. We have already recommended Bank Brokers to our partner companies (https://www.nature.nl/nl/) and will be happy to do so in the future.”

Rob Jacobs, CFO


“SuperOffice is a Norwegian software company that is dedicated to creating CRM software that helps every user in a company to build strong a loyal customer relationships. SuperOffice has subsidiaries in seven European countries. Our philosophy and presence requires sophisticated cash pool solutions and banking services in general. We always look for means to improve, and how to do the right tasks with less wasted efforts. We engaged Bank Brokers to perform an in-depth analysis of our use of bank services, and the review required limited resources from our side. The comprehensive analysis disclosed savings potential that we have capitalized significantly on. We will strongly recommend Bank Brokers to any company considering a review of their financial procurement.”

Ole Erlend Vormeland, CFO


“Following Bank Brokers successful projects with other high profile brands in Wales, we engaged their services to review our total transaction banking cost base. By way of background, Sinclair Motor Group enjoys a very long-standing and trusted banking relationship. This is something we were particularly keen to protect. Equally, we were open minded to Bank Brokers findings. The assurances we received from Bank Brokers regarding the nature of their relationships with our service providers gave us absolute confidence that they could best represent both our commercial and wider relationship interests. The final outcomes we have received will deliver tangible savings across transaction cost lines covering, cards, payments, debt and liquidity. We are truly delighted to have partnered with Bank Brokers. Their knowledge and expertise has proved invaluable to us.”


Leanne Smith, Group Accountant


“Asian Food Import AS is one of Norway’s largest importer and retailer of asian food. The demand for food from the Far East has been steadily increasing in Norway. This has fueled our business growth and required our operations to expand. Accordingly, financing our business has also significantly changed.

We took it for granted that the loyal long-standing relationship with our bank had qualified us for reasonable good terms until we learned about Bank Brokers’ approach and findings. Their due diligence revealed that our banking needs had changed a lot, and that current terms and practice were associated with great opportunity costs.

With expert advice and assistance from Bank Brokers, we are aiming to cut the finance costs by more than 60% from current level. For us, the exercise has been a big eye-opener, and we’ve every reason to be confident that we will reach this target soon.

If you are looking for a professional team with deep financing expertise, broad market intelligence and overview, then Bank Brokers comes highly recommended.”

Hai Tran, CFO


“Vestfold Kollektivtrafikk is a county owned operator of public transportation in Vestfold. We transport more than 10 million passengers yearly, which generates a significant number of payment transactions. Within the transportation sector, payment services is in rapid development and we therefore need to stay well positioned to take advantage of new opportunities. To assist us in this complex procurement, we found the cooperation with Bank Brokers very valuable. Not only did the analysis performed identify significant potential, new terms with all suppliers in the value chain where negotiated, resulting in substantial savings. The process was learningful and the service was hassle-free and professional.”

Trond Myhre, Marketing Director


“Our global footprint is of course a strength, but it also creates complexity in our financial procurement. When it was brought to our attention that our owners together with Bank Brokers had developed a project proposal for EQT portfolio companies, we had an immediate interest to explore opportunities for cost savings and structural efficiencies . Bank Brokers produced an in-depth analysis with significant savings potential, that we in cooperation with our owners were keen on harvesting. Bank Brokers provides a rather hassle-free service and represents a very competent advisor in the financial sector.”

Kjetil Skiftun, Group Treasurer


“Parx Casino is the #1 casino in Pennsylvania, and offers state-of-the-art gaming, thoroughbred racing, extensive dining options and live entertainment at our cutting edge event center. We engaged Bank Brokers to conduct a review of our merchant services and check guarantee facility. The cost analysis report they provided us with was highly valuable – in turned out that our pricing was already close to fair market, but this insight was still very useful and of course good news, especially as it meant there was nothing to pay for their services! We are very happy to recommend Bank Brokers.”

Bryan Bartlett, CFO


“We engaged Bank Brokers to review our merchant acquiring costs. EU regulatory changes have severely impacted the cost of debit card acceptance within our industry and we were keen to ensure that our pricing was competitive with other like businesses within the sector. We have been particularly impressed by Bank Brokers overall approach and attention to detail. As a result of the direct renegotiations they undertook on our behalf with our existing acquirers, we have received a substantial reduction in our merchant acquiring cost base. We are delighted with the outcome and thoroughly recommend their services.”

Stuart Rees, Finance Director


“Following an introduction via a Group Board Member, we engaged Bank Brokers to undertake an external price benchmark of our merchant acquiring activities. Their benchmark report gave us a detailed insight into the component elements of our merchant acquiring pricing. As a result of their findings, we decided to canvas the market and instructed Bank Brokers to undertake an RFP (Request for Proposal) on our behalf. The outcomes we have received through this process have delivered substantial savings across our businesses. Bank Brokers market knowledge and leverage has proved invaluable to us. We look forward to maintaining a close working relationship to help drive additional cost savings in other transactional banking areas.”

Giles Rawlinson, Commercial Director


“Bank Brokers were recommended to us by another holiday letting business who had used their services. We were keen to see if they could help us control our card costs. As a result, we have significantly reduced our cards cost base. Even more impressive is the size of the savings delivered against a general price uplift from our acquirers. We are truly delighted with the outcome.”

Sylvia Stimson, Director


“We appointed Bank Brokers to undertake a price benchmark across our three businesses. Their approach was quite timely as we had already entered into detailed renegotiation discussions with our existing acquirers which were progressing. We subsequently received our acquirer’s offer where Bank Brokers performed their own fair market due diligence. Working in very close partnership with our acquirer, they identified scope for incremental savings and have successfully delivered a compelling and highly transparent pricing package. Bank Brokers pride themselves on maintaining excellent industry wide working relationships and this has certainly been our experience. Their market leverage is very impressive, and we are truly delighted with the savings we have gained.”

Tim Bagnall, Director UK Subsidiaries


“We were first introduced to Bank Brokers in May, not long after the Club’s return to the Premier League was confirmed. The timing of their introduction was perfect. We knew that promotion would bring a wealth of financial benefits to the Club. At the same time, it was important for us to continue to maintain a strict expense discipline to maximise profitability. One of the areas that we knew would be impacted by increased activity volumes was our merchant acquiring cost base which was due for review. Bank Brokers worked tirelessly with our long standing merchant acquirer and undertook all renegotiations on the Club’s behalf. The final outcomes the Club has gained are impressive; compelling cost reductions, increased pricing transparency, a strengthened partnership with our acquirer and a new one forged with Bank Brokers. We are truly delighted.”

Rita Purewal, Chief Finance Officer


“Alfsen & Gunderson was established in 1926 and have since been a leading supplier of water-, air-, fan- and cleaning tech products. We hired Bank Brokers to ensure that we have the right set up of our banking- and guarantee solutions.Bank Brokers have been professional in both analysis and negotiations and we have realized significant savings.

We are very pleased with both the process and the result and we are happy to recommend Bank Brokers to others.”

Haakon L. Bryhn, CEO


“Bank Brokers has enjoyed notable successes from engagement with other football clubs and we were keen to understand how they could help us. Our merchant acquiring pricing had not been reviewed for some time and we were keen to see how the acquiring marketplace had moved. Of particular importance to us was the need to establish opportunities, if any, for a review of our current costs without necessarily jeopardising our existing acquiring relationship. Once we had received Bank Brokers comprehensive benchmark report, they assumed total renegotiation responsibility, appraising us regularly of ongoing progress. The outcomes they have delivered for the Club are substantial, the positive impact of which will feed through straight to the Club’s “bottom line” in the 2018-2019 season. Bank Brokers fair market pricing knowledge is impressive. Alongside a strong client focussed relationship management culture, it makes for a compelling overall service proposition.”

Thomas Bonser, Head of Finance


“We have been highly impressed with Bank Brokers. Overall project management and relationship approach throughout has been of a very high standard. Their sector experience, knowledge and renegotiation expertise has resulted in truly compelling reductions in our cost base. We are delighted with the outcomes. Having experienced the end to end service proposition, our view is that this is a must for any Finance Director looking to save cost, time and effort.”

Alan Quantick FCA, Finance Director


We decided to engage Bank Brokers for our upcoming refinancing. Bank Brokers could, with their market experience, help us to show improvement opportunities both in terms of price and different financing structures. The result of the project meant significant savings for us, which we are very pleased with. We can really recommend Bank Brokers as a partner and financial consultant.”

Anders Marklund, CFO


”We hired Bank Brokers as a financial advisor when we needed to review our bank set-up. Bank Brokers assistance along with their expertise and competence in this process resulted in increased transparency on all our products with the bank.”

Jenny Siegers, Group Treasurer


“With a large real estate portfolio and significant loan agreements it is important to DTU Science Park, that our banking cooperation is consistently optimized. Bank Brokers helped us restructure parts of our financing, and furthermore their analysis uncovered hidden costs. Our cooperation with Bank Brokers has resulted in substantial savings for us, and we regard Bank Brokers as a competent partner within our continuous optimization of our banking cooperation.”

Jytte Spaniel, COO


“We engaged Bank Brokers to undertake a review of our merchant services arrangements following a recommendation. Bank Brokers’ industry knowledge and expertise delivered significant savings that exceeded expectations. I would happily recommend the services provided by Bank Brokers.”

Gerry Maxwell, Head of Financial Accounts


“Ferda has the ambition of becoming the biggest retailer within caravans and motorhomes in the Nordics. An important enabler for reaching this goal is a dynamic financing platform delivered by financial institutions that fully understand the value chain. Together with our majority owner, Pioneer Capital, and Bank Brokers, we managed to establish financing solutions that catered for the entire value chain, securing future growth without tying up expensive equity. Our cooperation was creative and based on the principle that nothing is impossible.“

Bengt Heggertveit, CEO


“Being a transaction heavy parking company with a complex terminal set-up, we engaged Bank Brokers to undertake a review of our card acquiring services. Bank Brokers’ industry knowledge and expertise delivered significant savings that exceeded expectations, with little resources needed from us. In addition, Bank Brokers’ process helped fast track other issues we experienced with our card acquirer and made our overall relationship stronger. I would happily recommend Bank Brokers.”

Claus Mølbach-Thellefsen, CEO


“We engaged Bank Brokers to undertake a review of our merchant acquiring. We were relatively happy with our existing provider, but keen to ensure that we were receiving fair market pricing. We found Bank Brokers to be responsive, flexible and easy to work with. We secured a 29% reduction in our acquiring margin and lower pricing for terminal rentals, despite our need to renew on a short contract only. The team seem to have a high level of expertise in this area, which they were happy to share with us. We are very pleased with the outcome and would highly recommend their services.”

Malcolm Soden, Finance Director


“Bank Brokers were recommended to me by an ex-colleague and I have been very pleased with the result. They reviewed our cards costs and thanks to their knowledge of the market and expertise were able to secure a considerable saving for us with our existing provider. Bank Brokers were very professional and the process has built stronger links between TKC and our acquirer. Without the steer and support from Bank Brokers we would have accepted a smaller saving. I would definitely recommend working with them.”

Phil Foster, CFO


“Nedcoffee is a coffee trading company based in Amsterdam. With the help of Bank Brokers we have reviewed our cash management structure. We can really recommend them as a good partner to review the bank lines and charges. “

Jan Huijbrechts, Finance Director


“Bank Brokers has made a full benchmark analysis of our global cash management fees, and supported us in negotiating a better deal with our banks. The process was straight forward, required limited effort from us and gave us detailed insight in our fees spend. I would highly recommend Bank Brokers.”

Reinier Verbeemen, Global Director Treasury


“We are very pleased with the expertise, perseverance and pleasant way of negotiating with which Bank Brokers has achieved a competitive price and other conditions while maintaining our good relationship with the bank.”

Heinz Zanders, Head of Finance


“Bank Brokers undertook a full review of our card processing. We were delighted with service they provided and the resultant savings”

Kelvin Thomas, Chairman


“We were introduced to Bank Brokers who were keen to undertake a payments review with our acquirer. Bank Brokers provided us with a detailed report and provided an independent market assessment. We were pleased to note that our current pricing compared favourably with our peers. Our business is growing and we have therefore asked Bank Brokers to conduct a further review in 12 month’s time. We are highly impressed with their service proposition”

Miguel Sousa, Chief Financial Officer


“We are very happy with the relationship to our bank. However, it is very important for us to ensure that we have competitive prices and the right product setup. Thanks to Bank Brokers and their thorough analysis we obtained an independent benchmark without having to carry out a full tender process. It saved us both time and money. “

Svante Johansson, CFO


“Oxfam Novib believes in long term relationships including those with our suppliers of financial services, specifically the bank processing all our payments and holding our cash accounts. However, we also believe products and services should be offered at a fair market price. This is where Bank Brokers came in; they have provided invaluable support to Oxfam Novib in negotiating better pricing and conditions for our payment services. They also added value by giving additional insight into the efficiency of our cash management, resulting in additional savings. We are happy to recommend Bank Brokers to you.”

Arnold Galavazi, Director Operations


“We asked Bank Brokers to review our cards costs and we are very pleased with the result. We have an excellent relationship with our acquirer and simply wanted to ensure our pricing was in line with the market. Thanks to Bank Brokers we were able to secure an impressive saving, and build on our already strong relationship with our acquirer. Bank Brokers approach was friendly, professional, and effective. Seasalt will be working with Bank Brokers again, and I definitely recommend them to anyone looking to review and reduce their cards and banking costs.”

Hugh Emsden, Head of Finance


“I have already introduced Bank Brokers to family, friends and colleagues, and indeed to customers to see how they could also make savings.”

Watch video from

David Chattwell, Managing Director


“We employed Bank Brokers to deliver a holistic approach regarding our financial suppliers, such as banking, card payments and terminal suppliers, in all of our operative countries. Thanks to the thorough and holistic analyses that Bank Brokers compiled at an early stage in the project, we gained a clear view of potential discussion points for each supplier and product sector. Besides checking the terms and conditions they also provided suggestions for structural changes and the economic and practical benefits these would provide for Panduro. It has been extremely valuable for us to place our trust in Bank Broker’s competence and experience in this extensive process, since they have a far better insight of the market than our company is able to have. On our part this led to significant cost reductions, which is why it is highly likely we will employ Bank Brokers again in the future.”

Stefan Rydén, CFO


“Go Ape engaged Bank Brokers to conduct a review of our card acquiring arrangements, which had been in place for some time. The company has grown rapidly over a number of years, and this was an area that didn’t demand a great deal of focus, as our existing processes worked without issue. We were introduced to Bank Brokers who undertook a review of our existing provider, without limiting our resources internally, and put forward a proposal to our current provider setting out the benchmark pricing Bank Brokers had advised was fair market. Unfortunately, our existing providers were unable to come close to this. We therefore asked Bank Brokers to test the market and lead us through the RFP process. As a result, we feel confident that we have secured best-in-class pricing, which will deliver very substantial savings going forward.

Throughout the process we were confident to rely on the expertise and independence of Bank Brokers, but always felt in control as the ultimate decision we made was not based solely on price. The results achieved have significantly exceeded our expectations, delivering savings in excess of 60% on our existing provider, and Bank Brokers have brought other areas of potential savings to our attention, which we were not previously aware of. We would highly recommend their services.”

Nick Hall, Finance Director


“FUW Insurance Services is one of the leading insurance brokers in Wales that offers a personalised approach, delivered locally. We have commenced a strict expense discipline across our regional operations, commissioning external expertise and guidance where appropriate. It was clear from our initial meeting with Bank Brokers that their expertise in transaction banking complemented our cost saving objectives. We were highly impressed with their proposition and equally impressed with an excellent outcome of significant savings delivered”

Simon Longworth FCA, Finance Director


“We were introduced to Bank Brokers where we learned of their many commercial successes across the sporting world. The commissioning of their services happened to coincide with the start of 2019/2020 annual season ticket sales window where we expected a significantly increased level of applications following our confirmed promotion to the Championship. It was vitally important for the Club’s finances that card processing cost savings if available were maximised through the sales window. Bank Brokers did an amazing job of turning around the data we had provided and were able to confirm that a consolidated pricing offer from one of our existing acquirers was fair market. The reassurance we received gave us the confidence to progress to contract. Their agility operating under such tight time constraints was impressive”

Simon Gibb, Director of Finance


“Bank Brokers did a fantastic job securing savings from our current card provider. In fact they secured 100% of the fair market pricing, representing a 25% ongoing saving, which we are delighted with. We would never have successfully navigated the minefields of bank bureaucracy without them. I’d recommend Bank Brokers to any company wanting to benchmark and reduce their current charges”

Will Clayton, Managing Director


“We commissioned Bank Brokers to conduct a review of the card processing arrangements across the Burhill Group. After we had provided the necessary raw data, Bank Brokers assumed total responsibility for the project, during which we were regularly appraised of ongoing progress. The final pricing outcomes which they directly leveraged with our existing service providers has ensured that up to date competitive rates are applied within our business. This is expected to generate significant financial benefit over the next three years. Based on this experience we can unreservedly recommend the Bank Brokers service in this highly specialist area.”

Jim Conlan, Group Finance Director


“Family Finance Group comprises a number of trading entities serving customers in South and West Wales, Devon, Cornwall, Hereford, Gloucester and West Midlands providing a broad range home credit and other credit related services. We offer our customers a wide range of repayment facilities from bank transfer, direct debit, standing order and debit cards. We had seen an exponential rise in card payments over the past 18 months which had significantly increased our card processing charges. Bank Brokers undertook a detailed review and identified the potential for cost reduction in moving from a “Blended” pricing mechanism to “Interchange Plus Plus” . We now have a clear, transparent and future proofed acquiring pricing structure in place for all our businesses via an extended relationship with our existing acquirer. The savings we have gained are significant and will have a profoundly positive impact on our cost base over the next three years. Bank Brokers guidance, support and leverage has been truly outstanding.”

Robert Hopkins, Finance Director


“Formpipe is a software company within ECM (Enterprise Content Management) and the company’s shares are listed on OMX Stockholm. “We hired Bank Brokers as advisors in our bank tender. With their expertise and experience, Bank Brokers was able to help us with all parts of the RFP process and also informed us about the solutions and prices we could expect to receive from the banks. Bank Brokers was also an important consulting partner for us about the banks’ similarities and differences. With Bank Brokers’ guidance together with the realised result, we can recommend Bank Brokers for companies that are in the same situation as us.”

Joakim Alfredson, CFO


“FNV is a result of a merge of various trade unions, which happened in 2015. Last year we started to streamline our cash management operations and our banking costs was an integral part of this operation. As we do not tender for banks frequently we decided we needed assistance in order to get the best deal for our situation. In the end we realized more than 50% savings with one of the banks we already worked with. Great help from Bank Brokers!”

Kris Wielens, Treasurer


“ We were introduced to Bank Brokers at a hospitality event in 2018 where we learned of their notable cost reduction successes in the Charities sector. Following an audit of our current fees charged by our acquiring partner, their leverage has delivered excellent savings with minimal effort on our part. Their service proposition is a must for any business and particularly those in the charities space that are looking for savings”.

Christopher Moore, Chief Executive


“Bank Brokers made a in depth analysis of our financial costs. Their impressive final report gave us not only a total overview of our banking costs but also a deeper understanding of our financial cost drivers. Most importantly Bank Brokers did an excellent job negotiating, which has created very impressive savings for us. We highly recommend Bank Brokers, their professionalism and insight into the non-transparent banking sector is of great value.”

Jan-Gustaf Roempke, CEO


“We have been partnering with Bank Brokers for the past two years. Their support, guidance and market knowledge has been instrumental in complementing our in house due diligence and cost control particularly following the hotel opening at Emirates Old Trafford. We are delighted with the savings outcomes and thoroughly recommend their professional consultancy services”

Lee Morgan, Finance Director


“We were introduced to Bank Brokers by one of their existing, highly valued retail clients. We had just concluded an in house RFP for e-commerce services and decided to engage Bank Brokers on a complementary due diligence basis. Specifically, we asked them to review pricing to identify any scope for incremental saving. Their expertise greatly helped in our decision making process. We consider Bank Brokers to be trusted advisers and will look to further broaden our relationship in the future. “

Phil Pearce, Group Procurement Manager


“AllClear specialise in travel insurance for customers with pre-existing medical conditions. We’ve grown quickly and have ambitious plans for the future, so we wanted to ensure our card costs were optimised. Bank Brokers were happy for us to contact an existing insurance client, to get some feedback on their own experience. Very little work was required on our part as Bank Brokers obtained all of the data directly from our provider, and were very diligent in ensuring this was accurate. They kept us informed throughout the process, and we were happy to take their advice. Although larger savings were available, we decided to stay with our existing provider with a 34% reduction in costs – an excellent result that will have a significant impact on the bottom line in the coming years.”

Alison Soltani-Davies, Chief Finance Officer


“We engaged with Bank Brokers in April this year following an extensive review of our merchant acquiring relationships across our Group brands, aiming to reduce the number of acquiring relationships, and to consolidate and appoint a single provider. Initial proposals revealed significant scope for cost reduction, but we engaged Bank Brokers to conduct an independent assessment including a peer based comparison across their extensive database. This benchmarking exercise revealed significant scope for further savings, and we entrusted Bank Brokers to negotiate directly with our preferred supplier, resulting in a compelling outcome which has exceeded our expectations.

We have been impressed with Bank Brokers’ professional approach to the project, and for the Travis Perkins Group, this has been a very successful engagement. We look forward to working with Bank Brokers on other project areas in the future.”

Graeme Barnes, Director of Capital Markets


DNT – Your key to enjoy Norwegian outdoor life

“For 150 Years we’ve been working to promote trekking and to improve conditions for all who enjoy the country’s broad range of outdoor attractions. We know all about Norway’s nature but we are not specialists in banking procurement.
Even for a nonprofit organization it’s important to secure marketable terms for our procurement. We found Bank Brokers no cure no fee concept interesting and mandated them to investigate both banking arrangements and card acquiring.
With limited resource allocation on our side, Bank Brokers managed to significantly improve our terms in both areas. We are happy to recommend Bank Brokers to any organization who want to secure fair market terms.”

Tor Kåpvik, Finance and Digitalisation Manager


“Thrace Polybulk is a leader in FIBC for automatic filling, in the fields of industrial packaging. We strongly recommend using Bank Brokers. They were easy to do business with, did all the work for us and exceeded my expectations on savings achieved.”

Per Skjellaug, CEO


“Bank Brokers knowledge and expertise has delivered cost savings for the Club. Their approach and project management is of a very high standard and we remain with our existing service provider on significantly improved terms. We are delighted with the outcomes we have received.”

Mark Fairbrother, Finance Director


“Located in the heart of the St. James’s Gate Brewery, the Guinness Storehouse® is Ireland’s number 1 visitor attraction with over 1.7m visitors per annum and we are a proud part of Diageo PLC. We had commenced some work on our merchant acquiring ,particularly in respect of industry compliance. Once this was complete, Bank Brokers agreed to undertake a review of the charging structures in place with our acquirer. Their feedback subsequently led to a change in the way in which we were being charged, significantly improving transparency and with cost savings feeding through. In the final round of renegotiation, we asked Bank Brokers to undertake a check of the terms we had been offered, against our peers in the market. This evidenced significant scope for incremental margin reduction which was successfully leveraged in full. In engaging Bank Brokers, Guinness Storehouse has avoided costly internal time and effort and significant work associated with a market retender. We are most grateful to Bank Brokers for their knowledge, experience and ability to deliver.”

Paul Carty, Managing Director


“This is Hertz’s third project with Bank Brokers and my first as CFO at Hertz. This time we went through our card transactions costs. Working with Bank brokers has been very valuable as they have profound knowledge about the cards market, as well as compelling arguments that helped in negotiations with our existing card acquirer. We have achieved significant cost savings and we would be pleased to cooperate with Bank Brokers in the future.”

Anders Gatenheim, CFO


“Storskogen Group engaged Bank Brokers as advisors in the process of financing our future acquisition strategy and growth journey. As advisors Bank Brokers designed our future financing structure which is a syndicated facility of 4.2 billion SEK supporting our long term strategy. In addition they also project managed the bank tender process. Throughout the project Bank Brokers has been an invaluable support for us, advising us on possible financing structures, what banks to talk to, contract details etc. In addition they also ensured that we have an optimized structure and terms on cash management, FX, leasing and guarantees with our main bank.

We can strongly recommend engaging Bank Brokers as advisors for assignments as described above. ”

Storskogen is a privately owned investment company with the aim to be the best owner for small and middle size companies. Storskogen today contains a diversified portfolio of 49 companies with a combined turnover of 9 billion SEK.

Lena Krauss, CFO


“Having learnt of Bank Brokers successes in the sporting arena we approached them to review our existing merchant acquiring contract. Having provided Bank Brokers with the necessary transactional information they undertook not only a complete analysis of the data but produced, for our consideration, proposals for the renegotiation of our existing arrangements such that we appointed them to renegotiate directly with our existing acquirer. We were regularly appraised of progress throughout these negotiations which have culminated in a significantly enhanced retention offer from our existing acquirer. We were truly delighted with their professional approach throughout and the final outcome delivered for the Club will not only have a major positive financial impact on our “bottom line” but also we have strengthened our existing acquirer relationship”

Philip Jenkins, Finance Director


“We commissioned Bank Brokers to review a proposition we had received from a procurement specialist for our merchant acquiring needs. The proposal involved transferring to a new acquirer to deliver significant savings. We had no real appetite to switch acquirers which complemented Bank Brokers retention led approach. Comforted by their no win, no fee proposition, they offered to liaise directly with our existing acquirer. Negotiations concluded, we have remained with our existing acquirer on a new three year deal. Moreover, Bank Brokers leverage has also enabled us to swap out and upgrade our entire terminal estate on improved commercial terms. We are delighted with the service we have received.”

Philip Bennett, Finance Director


“Bank Brokers did a great job of cutting through the complexity in our merchant services fee structure and helping us land a significant year on year saving. The bank brokers team negotiated with tenacity and kept us well informed throughout the process. I’d have no hesitation to use BB again in the future.”

Ollie Keeler, Head of Finance


“We met Bank Brokers at a Business Club event in Cardiff and learned of their notable successes with other high profile Welsh charities. We were attracted by their offer of no saving no fee and commissioned them to perform a benchmark on the retail card transactions in our shops. We found the process very simple and straight forward with Bank Brokers doing all the work including renegotiating with our acquirer. We are delighted with the savings they have delivered and remain with our existing service provider.”

Beci Jones, Head of Finance and Operations


“Having engaged Bank Brokers in a previous role I knew I could rely upon them to provide checks and balances across all our banking costs at HRN Tractor. For speed I sent 1 email to our card acquirers providing Bank Brokers the authority to engage with them directly. As a result of the renegotiation I am delighted to say we are retaining our current relationship with annual savings of circa 30%.”

Willie Johnstone, Company Accountant


“We engaged the services of Bank Brokers to review our banking and merchant services arrangements. Bank Brokers’ experience and knowledge of the industry supported by their own unique price benchmarking data created significant opportunities for the charity. We particularly appreciated the real sense of autonomy throughout the decision making process. The experience of working with Bank Brokers has therefore proved very insightful and valuable. I would recommend the services of Bank Brokers to any business and especially to other charities.”

Emma Alcock, Finance Director


“We were introduced to Bank Brokers by a hospitality industry professional whose business had previously engaged them on merchant acquiring. Having only changed our acquirer two years previously, and where we gained good savings, we were keen to see if the pricing we secured at that time withstood external market comparison. Bank Brokers’ detailed line by line analysis took into account all component elements of acquiring costs and processing margin. Their report identified significant savings potential, well in excess of our expectations. With their work half complete, and at our request, they proceeded to renegotiate directly on our behalf. The final outcomes we received will deliver substantial savings for our business over the next four years where we remain with our current provider. We have been truly impressed with their personal, professional, flexible, relationship-driven approach to doing business and highly recommend their services”

Alex McMullen, Finance Director


“We met with Bank Brokers following an introduction to our CEO. We operate Ireland’s leading hospitality and leisure company with over 50 venues across Ireland comprising Award winning restaurants, bars, hotels, cinemas, golf and gyms. We agreed that the focus of their review should include credit and debit card processing charges, cash handling arrangements and general banking at a later date. Their approach to detail on card processing is highly granular separating out industry cost and margin and using peer external data they hold to leverage savings. We now have an extended and robust agreement with our existing acquirer which will allow the business to benefit from expected future growth savings. It’s a highly effective proposition which we unreservedly recommend.”


“As a trusted partner, we are most grateful to Bank Brokers for their industry knowledge and market leverage. Castell Howell Foods strives to maintain longstanding commercial relationships, a philosophy which lends empathy to Bank Brokers retention led service proposition. Once again, their support has proved invaluable, particularly as we navigate the challenges presented by Covid-19”

Nigel Williams, Finance Director


“We contacted Bank Brokers, having heard of their successes in supporting peers in the travel and hospitality sector, to independently review, improve and future-proof our payment service provider panel. From the very start, their team has been extremely helpful, agile and always on-hand, and we are delighted with the final outcome they managed to help us achieve. To have a world-class team of payment professionals in your corner, representing your best interests and guiding you through every aspect of the process is highly reassuring – especially during these uncertain times, when the banks are unpredictable. Bank Brokers understand the importance of balancing all the ingredients of a fair merchant services deal: price, risk, collateral, settlement, conversion rates and customer service etc. I’d highly recommend Bank Brokers to any of our peers seeking similar technical payments support during these challenging times. Bank Brokers get it.”

David Whatley, CFO


“We have requested Bank Brokers to perform a review on or our financial costs in order to gain better insights in our cost structure. Together with Bank Brokers we have been able to realize new fair market agreements and significant savings with our primary bank. We are happy with Bank Brokers’ support and results realized and highly recommend Bank Brokers to any company.”

Lynda Edens, Chief Financial Officer


“Printdeal commissioned Bank Brokers to undertake a review of the banking- and online payment fee’s in the Netherlands and Belgium. The data collection was hassle-free and efficient and the review resulted in reduced rates for our banking- and online payments fee’s . We are more than happy to recommend Bank Brokers.”

Daniel Floor, Chief Financial Officer


“Takeaway.com hired Bank Brokers for a benchmarking analysis of its banking and merchant services agreements. Together with Bank Brokers we have been able to realise significant savings with all our major suppliers; banks, card acquirers and specific alternative payment methods. We have achieved those savings without the need to make any changes in our supplier set-up.

In addition to the savings realised, Bank Brokers provided valuable insights in the market for routing and processing online payments. We are very happy to recommend Bank Brokers to other heavy users of banking and payment providers.”

Tom Pereira, Director of Finance


“We have hired Bank Brokers to analyze our banking agreements with our three prime banks. Following Bank Brokers involvement, we have realized attractive savings on payments, liquidity, FX, trade finance products or have been given confirmation that pricing is in line with the market. Further, it has been insightful to have a report showing all Vion’s banking costs across multiple banks and markets properly analyzed. It has been interesting to learn about fair market pricing for various banking products. We would recommend Bank Brokers to other companies who are cost conscious and are looking to improve conditions with their banks. Additionally, their no-cure-no-pay proposition makes it an attractive business offer.”

Mattijn Bak, Director Group Treasury & Insurance


“We have hired Bank Brokers to analyze our banking agreements for payments and liquidity. Besides the attractive savings realized it has been very insightful to learn from the firm discussions with our house bank – especially on the negative interest for institutions like ours – that Bank Brokers has facilitated. I would strongly recommend Bank Brokers to other companies who are cost conscious and aiming to bring the discussions with their bank(s) to a new level.”

Felicia Brandsma, CFO


“We teamed up with Bank Brokers to do a deep dive analysis of the bank charges related to our 2 prime banks. The entire process was very well structured and the analysis presentation gave the full picture, thanks to their expertise and competence gained within the banking world (sector).
Together with Bank Brokers we confronted our prime banks with their findings, which resulted in substantial lower bank charges in line with fair market prices. Bank Brokers is “The company” to guide your company through the by banks created misty landscape of bank charges.”

Sven Verbraeken, International Finance Manager


“Bank Brokers undertook a benchmarking exercise for our company ensure we were enjoying the best possible rates with our incumbent banking partner. Bank Brokers acted in a professional manner throughout, with minimal client input required. The benchmarking analysis report that was presented to us was clear and thorough. Bank brokers offered to negotiate with the bank directly on our behalf to secure a more competitive fee structure for certain charges. We now have comfort that our banking, merchant and terminal fee arrangements are competitive within the marketplace. I would happily recommend Bank Brokers’ services”

David Hamilton-Brown, FD


“We have hired Bank Brokers to benchmark both our banking and card payments services and costs. The analyses they produce are both detailed and valuable. It gave us a good insight on whether we were charged fair market rates and fees compared to the services we receive from our bank and PSP. Together with Bank Brokers we have had discussions with our main bank and PSP. This has both lead to cost reductions as well as to a strengthening of the relationship with such suppliers. We very much liked the way Bank Brokers has approached us and also how they ensure a strong and close team-up with Alliance Automotive and its suppliers during the whole process. They run the project diligently and ensure timelines are met. I am very happy to recommend Bank Brokers to any company willing to reduce banking, financing and payments costs.”

Johan van Veldhuisen, CFO


“Minimeis is one of only a handful of companies in Norway that have succeeded globally with a D2C model, with sales to more than 150 countries and annual revenue of more than 120M (2020). With a small core team out of Oslo we keep ourselves busy with an annual growth rate of 400% from 2019 to 2020. To support and complement our team we have identified a few selected strategic partners that share the same passion in what they do as ourselves.

With Bank Brokers we have found the best partner to team up with to secure a competitive global merchant solution, and a dynamic financing solution matching our aggressive growth plan. Six months after we kicked off the cooperation, we have secured significant savings in our global merchant acquiring cost, but more impressively we have found a banking partner that not only understands our needs but is also willing and able to provide a scalable financing solution.

What we have managed to achieve in the last 6 months would not have been possible without the professional and skilled team Bank Brokers allocated to our cooperation. Special thanks to Trond, Henrik and Joakim – and we look forward to the continued cooperation!”

Erlend A. J. Glømmen, Chairman of the Board